Hi, my name is Bobby. That’s what both my Mother and Grand Mother call me anyway. My Mother was fourteen when I was born and I found out later when I was seventeen that my Dad was my Grand Mothers husband. She told me he started molesting her when she was about seven by rubbing her pussy when he bathed her. By the time she was eight he was finger fucking her. In her ninth year and for the following five years he began licking and eating her little pussy. She said at first she was afraid and embarrassed but it began to feel so good. He also got her to suck his cock and he made her swallow all his cum. He told her that it would make her skin soft and had healthy vitamins in it, He told her that if she told anyone he would go to jail and then he wouldn’t be able to continue making her feel good. She didn’t tell anyone and didn’t want to especially after she had her first orgasm when she about eleven. The night of her thirteenth birthday he fucked her without using any protection and the following night he fucked her again but not before he had her take his wife’s (my Grand Mother) birth control pills. However she had already gotten pregnant that very first time. He fucked her almost every night she said. My Grand Mother was a waitress at this fancy dinner house and worked six nights a week from five to eleven in the evening. That was why it was so easy for him. Mom said she had no idea she was pregnant. She never had any signs that usually come with pregnancy, like morning sickness or wanting strange food. When she started to show after four months she thought she was just getting fat. She started to diet, but after six months it became obvious.
When confronted with it by my Grandmother my mother confessed that her husband Dan had been fucking her and blurted out the whole story. Consequently they were divorced but my grand mother made him sign a confession and he agreed to give her twenty percent of his gross monthly salary until she was eighteen, if she didn’t she would send him to jai. Dan even with the threat of jail kept sneaking over at night, while my grand mother was working and would fuck her, some times two and three times in a night. She said he was a good lover and she liked what he did to her. He continued fucking her at least three times a week even through her pregnancy. In fact he fucked her twice two nights before she delivered me and continued to fuck her until she was fully into her sixteenth years. Until one night my Grand Mother came home early because she was not feeling well and caught them. She took pictures of them in the act and with the threat of prison he left and never came back. But before he left she made him buy us a small house. We live in this very upscale neighborhood now so that I could go to good schools my Grand Mother said. Her Dad only had enough money for us to buy a one bedroom house, but it is in a very nice neighborhood. The house has a nice large bedroom so Grand Mother bought us a king size bed and the three of us slept in it from the time I was three. I slept in the middle. We were very happy and never thought how it may have seemed strange to an outsider.
About the age of twelve I started to grow hair around my private parts and getting some funny feelings whenever I held my cock. I began jacking off almost every day after I had my first climax because it felt so good. Some times I even did it two or three times in a day. Also about that time I took a required course in sex education. I learned a lot about the female anatomy. Her vagina, cervix, uterus, and womb and there function. How a women gets pregnant etc. The guys all called the vagina a pussy or a cunt. Mom worked at a hash house that was open only for breakfast & lunch. Her hours were from six until two in the afternoon with Monday and Tuesday off. She was making about a hundred dollars a day and was usually home by two thirty or three at the most. My Grand Mother worked as I said earlier at a fancy dinner from five until eleven in the evening and her days off were Sunday and Monday. That was perfect for our situation. Mom got up at four thirty every day and left the house while my Grand Mother fixed my breakfast and lunch and made sure I got me off to school on time. Mondays my Mom and Grandma did all their shopping and had their hair, nails, and anything else that they needed done. Everything continued smoothly for the next year or so. I grew quite a bit between thirteen and fourteen. My Mom use to rub my legs at night because they ached so much. By the time I was fifteen I was 5’9 and 170lbs. My cock had grown also to just over seven inches and about two and a half inches around. I started to play football as a junior. I wasn’t very good at the time. I was second team tight end because I wasn’t very fast.
One morning around three am I woke up having to pee. When I opened my eyes there was my Grand Mothers tit and nipple almost sticking me in the nose. It had slipped out of her night gown. For the first time I realized how big her tits were. I later found out she was a 37d. I just laid there looking at her big areolas. I reached up and touched it and was amazed at how soft but firm it was. I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck very softly. Her nipple suddenly popped out about a half inch and I was able to get a firmer hold on it with my lips.
I continued to suck just the nipple until she let out a low moan, “ohhhhmmmm...”
I got scared and stopped. She then rolled over and began to snore. It was then that I realized I had a big hard on so I got up and went into the bathroom and jacked off. That morning while my Grand Mother was fixing my breakfast I began to look at her differently. I realized she was more than my Grand Mother, she was a very good looking women. She was the same height as me at 5’9 and weighed about 128 to 132 lbs. She has very long legs and even through her robe I could see she had a cute up turned butt. She was 48 and her birthday was this coming Friday. For the rest of the week I would lie in bed dreaming of fucking her. I was a virgin but that didn’t stop me from imagining what it would be like to fuck my own Grand Mother. I would scoot up against her back and let my dick try to go between her legs but her night gown always got in the way. If I tried to pull it up she would pull away from me. When she was facing me I tried to get her tit to come out of her night gown so I could suck on it like I did before. No luck, if I tried to force it she would roll over and I was getting pretty fruststraighted
That Friday I overheard my grand mother tell my Mom that she would probably be late getting home. She said the employees at the restaurant were going to give her a birthday party after work. I woke up about five thirty the following morning and got up to pee. Mom was just getting ready to leave for work. After I peed I went in and gave my Mom a sleepy hug and kiss and then went back to bed. Being Saturday I didn’t have to go to school and could sleep in. As I got into bed I noticed my grand mother was on her side in the fetal position. She was really snoring and I could smell the alcohol. I lifted the sheet and could see She was completely nakid with her pussy lips sticking out of her hairy black bush between her ass cheeks. Boy did the sight of her pussy give me an instant hard on. I heard Mom start the car and leave as I pondered what to do. I knew this was going to be my only chance. At first I scooted up next to her and put my arm around her and squeezed her tit. I tried to slip my cock between her pussy lips but I couldn’t get it to go in. I finally got up and went into the bathroom and looked in the cupboard for something to make my cock slippery. I saw a jar called k-y jelly so I spread it on my cock and then went in and put some very gently on my grand mothers pussy lips.
I got into position behind her and forced my leg between hers lifting one leg slightly. Then I slid my cock slowly into her pussy. With the k-y jelly I entered her quite easily. My god her pussy was hot on my cock. I began to fuck her while I squeezed and played with her nipple. I only got through half dozen strokes before I came. Boy did I cum, I unloaded a huge amount into her pussy. She had not moved and was still snoring while I was fucking her. I remained hard so I began to fuck her again. This time I lasted about ten minutes. She started to moan a little bit and began to push her butt back at me when I came again.
“Shit,” I said, “now what?”
I laid there with my cock inside her pussy for about twenty minutes before I started to get hard again. This time I fucked her real slow and easy and lasted almost a half hour. She was moaning softly and pushing back at me when I felt her ass quiver and felt a warm feeling go over my cock. This happened two more times before I came again. I fell asleep with my cock still in her pussy and my arm around her with my hand on her tit.
I suddenly felt her jerk away from me and heard her say, “for christ sake Bobby what have you done?”
I pretended to be asleep but looked at her through half closed lids standing by the bed.
I could see her reach down between her legs and heard her say, “Oh shit.”
She went into the bathroom and I heard her running some water. After a short while she came into the bedroom and sat by the bed and gently shook me. I pretended to suddenly wake up and sat up in the bed.
She said, “Bobby what have you done did you fuck me while I was asleep?”
I hung my head down and shook my head in the affirmative.
“Oh Bobby you didn’t?”
I looked up at her and said, “three times. I’m sorry but you looked so beautiful yesterday at breakfast and then when I saw you laying there with you beautiful ass out and your pussy lips sticking out between your buttocks. I just couldn’t help my self. I have wanted to fuck you for a long time I lied.”
“Bobby, I’m your Grand Mother for christ sake and its incest. Don’t you realize I could be sent to jail even if I didn’t consent to it?”
She was shaking very badly so I stood up and took her in my arms and held her tightly against me. She was crying softly into my shoulder. I couldn’t help myself I began to get another hard on and it slid between her legs.
“Bobby, stop it, what do you think your doing?”
I pushed her back on the bed and as she fell her legs came apart and I got between her legs. I shoved my cock back into her still very wet pussy and began to fuck her. She struggled to get way but I was much too strong for her. I continued to move in and out of her with my cock.
“Damn you Bobby stop it this minute, this is wrong, I’m your Grand Mother for god’s sake.”
I continued fucking her slow and easy feeling my cock slid up and down the inner walls of her wonderful hot pussy. I shifted my weight upward so that as my cock went in and out of her it slid over her clit. She kept telling me to stop, but her breathing was beginning to go in and out very rapidly. I saw her breasts begin to heave up and down.
She murmured, “Oh god Bobby, please stop, Oh shit Bobbbbby..” and I felt her cum on my cock.
“Oh Bobby please, it’s been so long for me, I don’t want to like what you’re doing. Ohhhhh my god, oh shit, please Bobby I don’t want to cum again. Oh shit Bobbbbby aaaahhhhh…” and I felt her cum again.
I increased my speed and I could feel her begin to push her pelvis back at me, suddenly she threw her legs around my back and dug her heels into my butt.
She was beginning to get into a rhythm and she was grunting and murmuring, “OH god Booby you make me feel so good. I know its wrong but ooooohhhh christ I’m going to cum again. Yes Bobby fuck me, fuck me harder.”
I let go of her hands and reached down and pulled her legs up high so her knees were on each side of her head and I began plowing my cock into her wonderful pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss me, running her tongue inside my mouth.
She shoved her pelvis up high so that I went even deeper into her and I heard her say, “Ohhhhh Bobbbbbby…” as she came again.
I couldn’t hold off any longer and exploded deep inside her vagina. We laid there with me on top of her with my dick still inside her. It took her a long time before she began to breathe normally.
“Oh Bobby, I haven’t felt like that in a long time. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to enjoy sex. It has been three years since I felt a man inside me and as wonderful as it was Bobby it was wrong. We can’t ever do it again.”
I heard her say it but she made no move to remove my cock from her womb.
“Why Grandma, why can’t we, it felt so good and I think you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”
“Yes Bobby it was wonderful, you made me feel like I haven’t felt in a long time, but we can’t ever do it again, its Incest.”
“What is Incest?” I asked.
She told me, “it was having sex with your kin, like your Mother or sister and in this case your Grand Mother. Besides it not being right it is against the law. I could go to jail if anyone ever found out.”
“Well I certainly would never tell anyone, and you would never tell anyone so what’s the harm? I liked having sex with you. Your pus-I mean your vagina felt so hot and wonderful when I was inside you.”
“I know Bobby, you felt wonderful inside me but I can’t let it continue.”
I felt my cock stir a little bit and without her realizing it I placed my hands into hers and began to move my cock inside her.
“Bobby, I told you we can’t be doing this. I can’t let you fuck me.”
I ignored her plea and began to kiss and suck her breast. Her nipple popped out and I rolled my tongue around it and then began to kiss it and suck it. My cock was now almost hard, as I began to thrust in and out of her very wet pussy. The pussy that had already accepted my cum four times.
But I continued to fuck her.
“Bobby dam it, oh god Bobby please stop, Ohhhhh god I can’t believe what you are doing to me.”
I was now completely hard as a rock and was plunging my cock in and out of her like a piston. Her pussy lips locked onto my cock as I slid in and out of her.
“Ohhhhhhh god Bobby I’m going to cum. Yes, yes, oh Bobby here I cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum..” and I felt her ass quiver and she shoved her pelvis up into me.
I continued to pound her wonderful fuck hole as she fucked me back in a frensy, screeming, “Oh shit Bobby I’m going to cum again yes aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..” as she came again.
That did it I let go of her hands and reached down and grabbed her ass and buried my cock head as deep as I could until I felt her cervix and exploded into it. I was exhausted and I collapsed on top of her.
When She finally got her breathe she started to say, “Bobby..” but I interrupted her and said, “no Grandma don’t say a word. I love you more than just as my Grand Mother and I’m going to be your lover and fuck you all the time. You like it so there is no reason not to make love.”
She began to cry and she said, “I know its wrong but I loved it so when you were inside me, but if we are going to be lovers I want you to call me Lil when were alone. Grandma just doesn’t seem right and we can never let your mother know, It would kill her. We can never talk about it to anyone else either.”
We fell asleep and slept until almost one pm. I fucked her one more time before Mom cam home. The following morning, Sunday, I was lying in bed. Mom had left for work and my Grand Mother was sleeping, or so I thought. I began to massage my Grand Mother’s breast and my dick very slowly. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect.
Suddenly my Grand mother reached over and took a hold of my dick and began to massage it, saying, “let me do it for you.”
She began stroking my cock for a couple of minutes before she bent over and took it into her mouth. Oh my god what a feeling as her hot wet mouth began to suck me. I had never had my cocked sucked, in fact before yesterday I was a virgin. It didn’t take more than two or three minutes before I shot my load into her mouth. She sucked, milked, and licked my dick until there wasn’t anything left. Oh what a feeling, it was almost as good as fucking, but not quite.
I said, “Oh Grand , I mean Lil, you give the best blow job.”
She said, “we don’t call it a blow job, its oral sex between a man and women. A blow job is when men do it to each other. Oh shit, why would anyone want to do that?”
She just smiled at me and said, “some do.”
For the next several weeks I fucked my Grand Mother as often as possible. It was not easy. With the hours my Mom and Grand Mother worked it only left me from two in the morning until I went to school to fuck her. I wasn’t getting much sleep and my school work began to show it. When I got my midterm report card my Grand Mother threatened to cut me off if I didn’t keep my grades up. I began sneaking home for lunch and we fucked instead of eating. One morning a little after five AM I got up to pee. I had a pretty good hard on and debated if I should slip it into my Grandma and fuck her first. But I had to pee really bad so I went to the bathroom. I opened the door and there stood my mother in the tub with the shower slider open toweling her hair. I just stood there. What a sight, she had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Her nipples pointed straight out at me. There was no sag in them. Like her mother she had long slender legs that tapered up to firm thighs. She had dark brown hair nicely trimmed around her pussy. If I hadn’t already had a hard on I would have gotten one then. Before I could back out of the door Mom looked up and was so startled she slipped in the tub and fell. She just missed hitting her head on the faucet but banged her head on the tub. I ran over to help her. She was straddled with one leg in the tub and one out. I tried not too but I could not help see her pussy pulled slightly apart and I though what a beautiful pussy. I lifted her up and my hard on slipped between her legs as I pulled her out of the tub and when I lowered her feet to the floor my cock slipped into her about two inches. Normally a person would lose their hard on when something like this happened but because my cock was now inside her vagina it stayed rock hard. I was forced out of her as I sat her on the toilet. She was pretty groggy. As she began to come to her senses and looked up I realized my hard on was right at her lip level.
Mom was staring at my hard on for about twenty seconds and then realized what she was looking at and jerked back from me shouting, “CHRIST BOBBY, what are you doing?”
About that time Grandma came rushing into the bathroom and asked what was going on.
I grabbed a towel to cover myself and stammered, “Mom fell in the bathtub and I was just trying to help her out.”
I explained to them how I had gotten up because I had to pee and didn’t know Mom was in the bathroom. I explained that when I opened the door and Mom saw me she was so startled that she slipped in the tub. I also told them I was real sorry about all that happened but I still had to pee real bad. My hard on had diminished by then.
Both of them said at the same time, “Go ahead.”
But nothing was coming out so I said, “it’s hard to pee with you looking at me.”
They both giggled and turned their heads. I must have peed for a good five minutes.
When I left I stood by the door and heard Mom say, “My god Mom did you see how big Bobby has grown.”
Grandma said, “not until just now, he is bigger than Dan was.”
She lied. I feel a little ashamed of myself but when I saw his big hard on I think I got a little wet down there.
"Teresa! (that’s my mother’s name) you should be ashamed of yourself. I know, I know, he’s my son and I feel ashamed for feeling that way but it has been a long time since I saw a cock, especially one that big.”
I ran back to our bedroom and waited for Grandma to come back to bed. I was smiling and the beginning of a hard was forming as I remembered how my Mom's naked body looked. And for the first time I had a burning desire to fuck her. But for now Grandma would get the benifit.


My grandma is eighty years old. She still lives by herself. She drives and is very active. She is just a little thing, maybe hundred pounds. Her hair is gray and she wears glasses. She my dad's mother. I'm just over thirty. I live with my wife and two daughters. There's nothing different from my family as anyone else's. I work and so does the wife. My kids go to school and about twice a week we eat out. When at home I watch TV in my den, my wife watches TV in the living room and the daughters do what ever teenage daughters do. Both may Dad and I check on grandma. When dad can't make it over to her house to help, I do. Grandma is a good cook. Every time I work around her house I get fed. Grandpa has been dead for over twenty five years. I know she misses him, but never lets anyone know. Her retirement from grandpa is OK, but she doesn't have much money. She's always trying to pay us for what we do around her house. We never take it. When I'm there working she tries to do as much as possible. Now, this is not some old woman that can't get around. She stays fit for her age. She's eighty but looks around seventy. A good seventy. I think she looks good for a woman her age. Last summer she went with our family to Fla. She said she brought a new bathing suit. I really didn't want to see my grandmother in a bathing suit. No woman as far as I was concerned after sixty looks good in a bathing suit. While down in Fla. we had two rooms. The wife and I stayed in one and my daughters and grandma stayed in the other. We got ready for the beach. My daughters came out first. I thought their suits were a little too small for them, but the wife told me not to say anything. When grandma came out she was wearing a big hat and wrap around skirt over her bathing suit. She didn't look bad. The top of her suit covered her pretty well. Her legs looked old but not gross. She was tan and her legs were still in pretty good shape.
"Maybe this won't be too bad," I thought.
We got down to the beach. The girls and my wife went in for a swim. Grandma took off her skirt and laid it on the blanket. The suit was a suit for older women. It had a little skirt around it. She really didn't look too bad. Her skin was not as wrinkled as I thought it would be. Her ass fit in the suit just right. I mean none of her ass cheeks were hanging out or anything like that.
I thought," If I was a seventy year old man, I wouldn't mind knowing her."
The rest of the vac. was just a normal vac. Dad called me up during the week and asked if I could help his mom around the house this week end, since he couldn't. I didn't have any plans so I agreed. Like always by the time I pulled into her drive-way she was waiting outside. It was Saturday morning and I told me wife I may stay the night, depending on how much work there was to do. She met me at the door. She was wearing a summer dress. It looked good on her. She told me she made a list of things to do. I got started right away. I really didn't want to spend the night. One of the jobs was pulling weeds out of the garden. We both got started. We'd been in the garden for about ten minutes or so. I just happened to looked up at grandma as she was bending over pulling weeds. I could see down the front of her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra. I could see both of her tits. Old tits, young tits, any man will look. She was busy pulling weeds and wasn't paying any attention to me. I could see them wiggle around as she pulled the weeds. They weren't very big so there wasn't much to wiggle around. They didn't look bad. I bet they didn't sag much since they were so small. I could even see her nipples. They were a very dark brown. Hey, tits are tits. Even grandma's looked pretty good to me. I went back to pulling weeds. I'd look up every once in a while to get another look. I didn't have any sexual thoughts about fucking her or anything like that. They were just tits. Granted, grandma's tits but that's all. We finished pulling the weeds. She wanted some rocks moved to her garden that was behind the garage. I went back to get some rocks. She followed. I told her I would pick up the rocks. She wouldn't hear of it. She wanted to help. I told her to just lift the small rocks. She agreed. I watched her started to bend over to pick a rock up. I stopped her. Even though the rocks she was picking up were light, I told her to bend at her knees so she wouldn't hurt her back. She agreed. I watched her to make sure she followed my instructions. I watched her bend at her knees. When she did this I couldn't help but notice when she bent down her skirt got tight around her knees. I could see up her skirt when she bent down. She wasn't wearing any underwear. I was surprised. I tried not to look. I turn away and picked up my rock. We returned to get more rocks. She bent down the same way. I looked again. I could see my grandma's pussy. It wasn't shaved but there was very little hair on it. I knew I shouldn't be looking, but I couldn't help myself. Each time she bent down I got another look at it.
The more I saw it the more I thought,"Hey, it doesn't look bad for an old woman."
I had never seen one this old, but it didn't look much different than even a younger one. She never did catch me looking. After we were done with the rocks, it was time for a break. Grandma went in the house and brought me out some tea. I was sitting on the steps so she had to bend over. I got a close look this time at her tits. They still looked good. I sat there drinking my tea not really listening to her. I kept thinking.
"Well I've seen her tits and pussy. I never thought that would happen"
It got me wondering what she would look like with her clothes off. I can't believe I had that thought. Still, I couldn't get the picture out of my head of her naked. I don't think for an eighty year old woman she's looks too bad. I wondered if she ever thought about sex.
Then another thought really surprised me," I wondered what it would be like to have sex with an eighty year old woman. Would she enjoy it like a younger woman?"
The only eighty year old woman I knew was grandma. I don't think she would go for the idea of having sex with her grandson. If I wanted to try it, how would I go about it? How would you get your grandmother to have sex with you?
How about, "Hey grandma it's been years since you had any, how about doing with me? I don't think that would work. I doubt she even thinks about it anymore. I'd have to figure out a way to see if she was still interested in sex without freaking her out. I decided to stay the night. I called my wife I told her I wouldn't be home until the morning.
That evening we watched TV and talked. Mostly it was about family stuff. Real boring, but she seems to like it. All the time I still been thinking how I could find out if she was interested in sex. It was getting late. I told her I as going to get my shower. After the shower I put on my boxer shorts. It was normal for me or my dad to watch TV in our boxer shorts. I went back in the living room. Grandma said it was her turn for her shower. I laid on the couch and started watching some show on TV. That's when I got an idea. I thought of a way to see if she still thought about sex at her age. I turned the lights off. Now the only light was the TV. I took my dick out of the opening in front of my boxers. It was always falling out so this wasn't really anything different. I laid on my back with it out. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She would think it slipped out while I was asleep. If she just kept watching TV or went to bed, I knew she wasn't interested in sex any more. But, if she looked at it, just maybe. I turned my head so I could open my eyes a little so I could see if she would keep looking at it. I knew she would sit in the chair in front of the couch. I heard her come back into the room. She was saying something, thinking I was still "awake." I heard her sit down in her chair. She stopped talking in mid-sentence. My eyes were open just enough to see her. She was staring at my exposed dick. Well, she wasn't looking away. She was just sitting there looking at it. I watched her put on her glasses. I guess she wanted to see it better. Nothing much else happened for about ten minutes. I watched her get up and walk toward me. She bent over and took a closer look.
"Jim, are you awake" I didn't move.
"Oh my," I heard her say to herself under her breath.
Well, she was interested. I tried to figure out how I could take this further. I couldn't think of anything. I had my eyes closed. All of a sudden I felt something touch my dick.
"Oh my god, I think she just touched it."
I kept my eyes closed and waited. I was right. She was touching it. I felt her run her finger over the top of it. It started getting hard.
"Oh no," I thought.
If he grows it's going to freak her out. I tried to will my dick to stay soft. I lost. It sprung up like it had a mind of its own. It didn't freak her out; she still had her hand on it. She then wrapped her fingers around it. I knew now even old ladies still think about sex. I knew I still had to be careful. She might like seeing a dick again, but maybe she wouldn't do anything with her grandson. If she wasn't afraid to touch it maybe I could figure out something else to take this further. She started squeezing my dick. After she gave it about three or four squeezes she stopped. I was afraid to open my eyes; she might see that I wasn't asleep. I felt something warm and wet on my dick.
"Oh my god, my grandmother is giving me a blowjob."
I couldn't believe this was happening. Something felt different about this blow job. Then it occurred to me. Grandma hadn't put her teeth back in yet and I was getting gummed. I could feel her chewing on me at the same time she was sucking me. This was something I had not expected. She was pretty good at it.
It was time. I opened my eyes and said," Oh grandma that feels wonderful."
She stopped and took her mouth off my dick. "Oh I'm sorry, Jim, I thought it wouldn't hurt since you were asleep."
"That's Ok, I liked it, really. I wanted this to happen. I didn't know if you still thought about sex or not, and I had to know."
"Just because someone gets old doesn't mean they don't think about it. I don't want you to feel bad about me."
"I don't." I think this is great. Do you want to take this further?"
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"Well can someone your age still have sex?"
"Oh my," she answered. "Yes, but it been such a long time I'm not sure if I can."
"Do you want to try?" I asked.
"You're my grandson. It's incest."
"That's to protect young kids. There is no way you can get pregnant. We are both adults. I'm willing to try it. What about you?"
"You really want to try and have sex with me?"
"Yes, I think it would feel great."
"You can't tell anyone. I mean anyone. It if works this would be between just me and you."
I sat up.
"Let's go into the bedroom."
Grandma turned and headed for the bedroom. I followed.
"I can't believe I am going to fuck my grandmother."
"I think we should turn the light off. You don't want to see this old body."
"Yes I do. You look real good for your age. Tell you what. We'll turn off the bedroom light but leave the bathroom light on. That way there will be a low glow to the room. OK, I really want to see your body, grandma."
Grandma pulled the gown she had on over her head. I looked at her. She didn't look bad in this light. Her tits were small, so they didn't sag much at all. She had on granny pants. I reached over and slowly pulled them down to her feet. She stepped out of them.
"You look good, grandma."
"Are you just saying that or do you really mean it."
"No really. I'm surprised. Your body looks good to me. Plus I like the idea of doing it with you."
"It's been a long time."
"Lay down on the bed," I told her.
I watched her get on the bed and lay on her back. Her legs were together and her hands rested on each side of her.
"We'll take this slow, OK."
"Ok," she answered.
I lay down next to her. I reached over and put my hand on her tit.
"Oh my," was all she said.
I started fondling her tit. It was soft and but still felt good to touch it. I placed my mouth on her nipple and started sucking on it.
"Oh my," was all I heard again.
I rose up and asked her how she liked it.
"I like it. It feels good."
As I was sucking her nipple I started moving my hand down to her pussy. I could feel her body tense up, but I kept moving my hand down. I felt what little hair she had. It was very soft. I moved down more. I could felt her pussy lips.
'Oh my, Oh my," was all she kept saying.
"Do you want me to stop grandma?"
"No, no, I like it."
"Spread your legs out so I can feel you better" Grandma spread her legs out.
It was easy now to feel her pussy. I kept playing with her pussy lips. She wasn't wet. I kept moving my finger around on top of her lips.
"I don't think it's working," She said.
"Does it feel good?"
"Oh yes, it feels good. I don't want you to stop."
I kept moving my fingers around her lips. I started to feel her get a little wet. It was just enough for me to get my finger in her a little.
"Oh my," I knew she could feel it.
The more I worked on her the wetter she got. By now I could almost get my entire finger in her. I noticed she had started moving her ass to meet my finger poking in her. Finally, I sunk my whole finger in her. She was getting wet. Wet enough to put two of my fingers in her. I moved them easy and slow in and out of her. She started moaning; telling me it was starting to feel very good. I pulled my fingers out and lowered my head. I started sucking on her pussy. She really liked that. She started moving her ass up and down trying to get me to tongue her even deeper. She was starting to get into this. I think she was ready. I rose up and asked her.
"Are you ready grandma? I want to try and put my dick in you. Do you want that?"
"Oh yes. I want to felt a dick in me again."
I was surprised she used the dick word. I guess she was getting turned on. I moved my dick closed to her pussy entrance. I guided my dick a little in her. It was enough to move it up and down. She started getting wetter. I slowly slid my dick in her some more.
"Are you OK?"
"Oh yes, push it in me more, but go slow."
I pushed in some more and stopped. It was wet and warm. I started pushing in again. I wanted to go slow and not hurt her. I felt grandma grab my ass with both of her hands. I guess I was going too slow. I felt her pull me deeper in her. She kept applying pressure on my ass and I kept sinking deeper in her. I looked down and saw my entire dick was in her.
"Grandma, it's all in. How do you feel?"
"I feel full. I want you to started going in and out of me."
That was all I needed. I started fucking my grandmother. I rose up almost all the way out then slowly sunk my dick back in her. I was afraid to go fast.
"Faster and harder." I heard her say.
I picked up my speed and started driving in her harder. She was loving it. I felt her raised her legs to get me to go deeper. Grandma was a good fuck. The inside of pussies all feel the same. Good. I guess it doesn't matter how old they are. I felt myself starting to cum. I couldn't stop myself. I shot a load in her. I slowed down. My dick was starting to get soft. After about another minute. It got so soft it fell out of her.
"Well grandma, what do you think?"
"I think I like my grandson fucking me. Next time Jim; I want you to go harder, faster and deeper. I want to cum too.
I saw Dad the next week end. "How did it go at my mother's?"
"Fine, Dad, just fine. We did everything she wanted me to do."
"No problems?" he asked.
"Well, I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do at first, but she kept telling me to do that and do this."
"Was she satisfied with everything you did?"
"Yea, but she wants me to come again soon. She said she had a lot of things she still wanted me to do."
"You're a good grandson."
"I tried to be good for her."